Squares Triangles Protractors

Portland Triangle Protractors

Portland Navigation Triangle Protractor:

Portland Navigational Triangle by Blundell Harling British made protractor with markings and compass points with reciprocals in red Scale in millimetres Manufactured from strong UV resistant acrylic These Portland Triangles can be used in pairs as a Parallel Portland triangles are fast to use and very accurate when laying of courses and bearings on a chart. Available in 200mm 230mm 350mm £7.29 each
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Navigators 360 degree protractor

Navigators 360 Degree Protractor:

Made in Britain 360 Degree Navigators Protractor by Charles Smith Reddish of London comes 6"inch and 8 inch sizes. Professional style protractor manufactured from 3mm tough crystal clear acrylic, divided 360 degrees. A really useful tool when laying of bearings from a single point of origin Sizes available: 6" Full Circle (360 degrees), 8" Full Circle (360 degrees), Also available in 180 but presently waiting on stock please check in store to see availability. . £7.80 each
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Douglas Protractor

Hurst or Douglas Style Square Protractor:

British made by Charles Smith Reddish of London. The Douglas square protractor or sometimes known as a Hurst square protractor comes in three sizes 5" 8" 10" Constructed of durable, transparent plastic. This square Protractor ideal for rapid plotting of courses and bearings in a small bridge, cockpit or confined space. Notations can be easily made directly on matte plastic surface with pencil. Can also be used as a simple parallel rule and plotter. . £7.29 each
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IALA Self examiner

FREE IALA Buoyage Self Examiner:

Give this IALA Buoyage examiner a free test This a development model towards a downloadable programme that we will be giving away free so help yourself and help us by giving it a run. .
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