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Standard Rolling Parallel Ruler:

Master Mariner Rolling Parallel Rule Acrylic 450 mm is a standard Pattern approved by MOD and NATO. 100% British made by Charles Smith Reddish of London. It is manufactured from 5mm crystal clear UV Resistant acrylic. Accurate to 3mm over a 3 meter run. Fitted with solid marine grade brass rollers on a stainless steel spindle and pivot points. It is fitted Marine grade brass spindle cover with solid marine grade brass pivot holders. This quality rolling rule is marked with Captain Fields divided 0 to 360 degrees and Compass points. It comes complete in a heavy duty cardboard carton. From £49.74
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Braked rolling ruler

Braked Rolling Ruler

Master Mariner Braked Rolling Parallel Rule Acrylic Crystal Clear Acrylic base plate, Bevelled & polished on all four outer edges Divided 0-360 Degrees & Compass points Fitted with diamond shaped knurled solid Brass rollers to minimise the chance of slippage, fixed on a stainless steel spindle housed in a solid brass machined cover plate, powder coated in a matt black finish The rule has a unique spindle lock which stops the rule rolling off the chart table until it is pushed The rule is Captain Fields divided 0 to 360 degrees and Compass points.From £66.85
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Brass Rolling Ruler Navigators

NAVY High Quality Solid Brass Rolling Ruler:

This is our top of the range brass rolling parallel ruler. Accurate to three millimetres over a three meter run. This ruler has been supplied to naval personnel across the globe and was the standard issue on Royal Navy ships for many years. Sturdily construction from brass and stainless steel and finished in black supplied in a wooden case along with Hexagonal wrench supplied for re-adjustment. This brass rolling ruler can be supplied in polished brass and optional customised engraving of ships yachts or presentation name to order. (Engraving takes about 2 weeks please request custom quote) Free UK Shipping £176.85
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Not just a bookshop the Maritime Bookshop being part of a greater entity CPCL Marine Consulting Ltd. Our industry presence as marine professionals gives us the ability to source supply and export more substantial orders to almost any destination in the world. Our close association with the maritime and offshore industries put us in a good place when it comes to serving our overseas customers requirements. If you have a challenge for us please get in touch.
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