Parallel Ruler Captain Fields N.A.T.O. Pattern


Economy Parallel Ruler Blundell Harling Middy :

Blundell Harling Middy parallel ruler is an economy priced starter level parallel ruler perfect for the novice or the person starting out and unsure whether they will persist. The Middy parallel ruler is a budget entry ruler it is well made British of course and as far parallel rulers go very good value. It does sport Captain Field type protractor markings and scaling. Principle differences are aluminium arms and plastic handles not brass. 16 inches long. £14.20
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Captain Fields Pattern Parallel Ruler

Parallel Rulers Captain Fields Pattern:

Captain Fields Parallel Ruler by Blundell Harling England. A very popular accurate precision instrument. Rubber pads are fitted to the underside to prevent slipping. The famous Captain Fields parallel rules. Probably the best know parallel rulers in the world. Outstanding quality British manufactured product. A valued asset to grace any chart table. Bevelled on all four edges with solid brass Maritime Links Divided with protractor markings (double reading) and compass points. 3 size options available at the store From £23.35
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Master Mariner Parallel Ruler

Parallel Rules Master Mariner Range :

The Master Mariner Parallel Ruler is made by Charles Smith Reddish London. The Master Mariner range is an outstanding range of professional grade Navigators tools and are NATO MOD Pattern approved. These Parallel rulers come in three lengths 40 cm 50 cm and 60 cm. High grade acrylic 6 mm thick and UV resistant to prevent warping. The rulers are marked with Divided with protractor markings (double reading) and compass points. From £23.20
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parallel protractor ruler

The Parallel Protractor Ruler:

Parallel Protractor Rule Master Mariner Range by Charles Smith Reddish. Crystal clear Acrylic Base plate Divided 0-360 Degrees & a metric scale half circle protractor with compass points 180 Degrees fitted with black acrylic link bars and brass pivot pins Black acrylic lifting handles. This is an unusual item but it is extremely useful when plotting on large charts where spaces is sometimes short and the charts need to be folded and a chart compass rose is not available. £24.99
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Code of Signals: Self Examiner.

The International Code of Signal. Think you know them well give yourself a few moments to see if you can still rememberr. This program runs a free self which all are free to use weather you purchase or not. This is a prototype so not perfect we need to know if something is wrong so please let us know. The program is quite large so probably won’t run on a mobile or in poor signal area. YET. Give us a Face book like if you find it useful
Code of Signals ExaminerIALA Self Examiner


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