Deck Knives and Marlin Spikes

Carbon Steel Seamans Deck Knife

Seaman's Carbon Steel Deck Knife:

Seaman’s Carbon Steel Deck Knife. 4 inch carbon steel blade. Hardwood handle. Made in Sheffield. This knife comes with a leather sheath. A first class utility deck knife. You can get an edge on this blade that you can shave with. £16.75
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Seamans Green River Deck Knife

The Legendary Green River Deck Knife:

British Made by Sheffield cutlers. The Authentic and Legendary Carbon Steel Green River Deck Knife Probably the best known deck knife in the world. Dating back to 1837 originally made by Russell & Co. at the "Green River Works" Green River (Massachusetts). Used for generations by professional seafarers. This is a quality product 5 inch Carbon Steel Blade. Leather sheath. Hardwood Handle. . £19.36
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Deck Knife and Marlin Spike Set

Carbon Steel Mariners Knife and Marlin Spike:

Master Mariner carbon steel deck knife and marlin spike set 2 Piece. A top range deck knife with rose wood handle and needle point carbon steel marlin spike in a combo real leather sheath. British made by Sheffield cutlers J Adams . £37.47
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Masters Knife Spike plyers rigging key set

Master Mariner Knife Spike 4 Piece Set:

Master Mariner 4 piece carbon steel Knife, Marlin spike, pliers and shackle key. The knife has a hardwood handle and comes with genuine leather knife sheath that hold all four rigging tools securely. . £47.95
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Carbon Steel Riggers Knife

Professional Riggers Knife M.O.D Pattern:

Professional Rigging Knife M.O.D. Pattern (Minister of Defence) 11 inches in total Heavy carbon steel blade 6 inch long by 1.5 inches wide across the grind. The thickness of the blade taper is 6mm from the spine to zero on the edge. Hard wood handle Please note this knife does not come with a sheath. . £26.77
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Riggers Knife and Marlin Spike

Riggers Knife and Marlin Spike M.O.D:

Rigging Knife & Marlin Spike Set. M.O.D. Pattern Heavy duty carbon steel blade wood handle Sheffield steel riggers knife made by J Adams comes with professional Marlin spike. 10" long There is a choice of pencil point or chisel Point on the Marlin spike This rigging knife has been supplied to the Navy. The spine of the blade is a hefty 6 millimetres thick so ideal for use with a mallet or riggers maul Please note this knife does not come with a sheath. . £42.64
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Carbon Steel Marlin Spike

Riggers Marlin Spike: Carbon Steel

Professional carbon steel Marlin spike. 8” 10” 12” 14” inch options H.BT professional steel marlin spike is offered in both chisel point and pencil point options. Mat black coated hand grip. . £18.99
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Marlin Spike Set 2 Piece

Marlin Spike Set: Needle point + Chisel Point

Marlin Spike Set Chisel + Point 8" 10" 12" 14" Options this is a two piece Steel Marlin Spike set. 2 H.BT professional steel marlin spikes one chisel point marlin spike plus one needle point marlin spike. These spikes are UK Made in Sheffield. The spikes have a mat black coated hand grip. Four size options. . £31.60
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