Marine Brass Dividers Compasses

Single handed dividers

Chart Dividers: Brass Single Handed Admiralty Style

Single handed brass dividers by Blundell Harling “These single handed brass marine dividers are made from brass and stainless steel in a classic Admiralty style. This design or style of chart work divider as you would expect is very common on Navy and coast guard vessels as well as being popular amongst the Yachting community. It is also one of the components that make up our Portland Plotter Kits.” Available in 7" and 8" options From £12.47
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Straight Dividers

Marine Dividers Straight : Chart Work Instruments

Straight Chart work Dividers by Blundell Harling.“These Solid Brass Straight Dividers are Available in 7" 8" size options Traditionally designed Portland style brass chart work marine dividers 18.8 stainless steel points. Highly polished elegant design Quality British Made Product by Blundell Harling. These high quality straight dividers have always been a popular choice on merchant and commercial vessels.” From £12.40
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Solid Brass Pencil Compass

Solid Brass Pencil Compass NATO MOD:

Nato MOD Pattern and approved solid brass marine pencil compasses by CSR“These pencil compasses are a very robust professional piece of chart work equipment perfect for range and bearings. Made from marine grade brass these pencil compasses are N.A.TO and M.O.D pattern and approved and as a consequence don’t come fancy wrapped so if you are buying one of these pencil compasses for your child you will have to gift wrap it yourself. However I can guarantee they will be passing it on to your grandchildren.” 7" 8" 9" Options. From £16.99
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Nautuical instruments procurement

Nautical Instruments Sourcing Procurement Shipping:

The Maritime Bookshop being part of a greater entity CPCL Marine Consulting Ltd has been supplying both individuals and companies in the maritime and yachting sector for over ten years. We also supply educational and training establishment’s worldwide as well as government agencies, security companies, shipping and offshore companies, coast guard, harbour authorities, seafood and fishing industry. Our industry presence as marine professionals gives us the ability to source supply and ship large commercial orders to almost any destination in the world. If you have a challenge for us please get in touch.
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