Portland Course Plotter Kit Breton Plotter

The Breton Course Plotter:

The traditional Breton chart work tool; Manufactured by Charles Smith Reddish London from high quality UV resistant non reflective acrylic so it won’t warp if the sun is on your chart table like many imported examples. Based on the original chartwork instrument as developed by Captain Yvonnick Gueret. A Breton of course! This Plotting tool has a 16" 400mm Base plate marked with a central line and variation scale. The outer edges are marked with the most popular RYA scales. From £14.92
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Blundell Harling chartwork instruments

The Portland Plotter: Blundell Harling

The Portland Course Plotter. Used worldwide by professional and amateur Yachts people practical as well as shore based instructors delivering RYA coastal navigation courses though I must say I have never come across one yet on a commercial vessel however it is excellent for the smaller bridge or where space is tight. Bright blue directional arrow prevents accidental reciprocal bearings which is handy and the edges are graduated for tide and boat speed. The base sports a fixed grid so it is easy to plot latitude from your GPS system. Comprehensive instructions included. From £11.50
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The Portland plotter and 7 inch divider kit

Portland Course Plotter & Dividers Kit:

If you are buying a course plotter for the first time you are going to need a  pair of chart work dividers to navigate so why not consider a good value combo. The Portland Course Plotter kit consists of the standard Blundell Harling see above plus a set of 7 inch single handed Admiralty style brass dividers. The pack comes with instructions and offers an excellent value deal to any novice navigator or young yachtsman. At only £19.99 it offers a saving of nearly £4.00
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Professional chartwork tools

Blundell Harling Professional Navigational :

Well if you’re a purist then this is the product for you its Blundell Harling’s Professional Plotting tool. Boasting loads of features including the ability to cover large admiralty charts with Captain Fields pattern markings and pencil guide holes for true location precision and the ability to set magnetic deviation and variation on the plotter. It comes at a hefty £39.99 but a good tool and worth every penny.


IALA Buoyage System test your knowledge quiz

IALA Buoyage Self Examiner:Test Yourself

So how do you think you’re doing when it comes to the IALA System of buoyage? If you would like stretch your mind a bit try our free online IALA Buoyage Self Examiner. It’s free to use whether you purchase our product or not. Both IALA System A and B are used. If you like it give us a like on our home page. The program is quite large so needs a good bandwidth probably not suitable for your mobile phone Thanks.
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