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Brass Chart Weights

Brass Chart Weights: Solid Marine Brass

Solid Marine Grade Brass Chart Weight (oblong) Just the thing to grace your chart table. These chart weights are manufactured from Marine grade brass. The chart weights measure 75mm by 50mm at the base plate. The Chart weights are fitted with a solid brass lifting knob. The product is fine grade finished and heavy duty lacquered for a non-mark finish and the underside is non marking green baize. . £22.14
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Chart Correction Stencil  Admiralty

Chart Correction Stencil:

Chart Correction Stencil. Admiralty Charts. A rare item indeed these days and very much one for the purist. Consists of Chart Correcting Stencil suitable for the correction of Admiralty charts. Manufactured from 1.5mm non reflecting acrylic and printed in permanent black metal foil, Supplied in re-usable PVC wallet. . £29.15
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Speed Time Distance Calculator

STD: Speed Time Distance Calculators

Speed-Time-Distance Calculator Standard Portland 7" option or 11" NATO style option. Display and functions are identical. NATO STD is easier to read and handle if the weather and visibility is poor. Simple to use slide rule. Calculates the third variable given the other two (distance covered, given speed and elapsed time). Outer sleeve manufactured from high impact plastic. From £7.25
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International code of signals self examiner

International Code of Signals Self Examiner:

The International Code of Signals e flip cards. Why not take the test we are developing two self-examiner modules that will be downloadable for our customers in the meantime the trial modules are free to use so please do.
Internationl code of signalsIALA  buoyage examiner


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